Cursive House Numbers Script Style
Cursive House Numbers Script Style

Script number or cursive number in rust-free aluminum. Holes are drilled in the number for mounting (matching hardware provided). They are also available without holes. The numbers have a baked satin black finish

Hand-cast in the USA from recycled aluminum. Large and small numbers are available. 

- Made of rust-free recycled aluminum
- Available in black
- Paints are specially formulated to withstand adverse weather conditions
- Hand made
- Hardware provided
- Cannot be exchanged for a different size. Must be returned & reordered in the correct size.
- Numbers have two holes in them and hardware is provided
- Manufacturer warranty (defects, workmanship): 1 year
- Made in USA

MOUNTING (Drilling)2 holes and provide screws" because they will be attaching the numbers with screws (provided). The "no holes" option is offered for those who want to attach the numbers to the wall with silicon adhesive and don't want holes showing.


Two sizes (large and small) are available.

** Click here to see Cursive Numbers Sizes **

You may notice that some letters are taller than others. That is because some letters have "tails". For example, the "y" in fifty will make that word taller.

It is very important that the correct size is ordered. Two sizes (large and small) are available.

** Click here to see Cursive Numbers Sizes **

Not sure what size you need? Tape sheets of paper to the wall using the sizes in the chart. Then, step back to view the size.

Cursive House Numbers Script Style

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