Injection Molded Numbers Roman
Injection Molded Numbers Roman

Our injection molded letters (aka Minnesota letters) have the look and feel of cast metal letters so they are suitable for almost any "up-scale" application. These letters are made with all-natural material derived from cotton and wood fibers. Injection molded sign letters are stronger and more durable than acrylic, yet are lightweight and very easy to install. Made in the USA.

Guaranteed not to fade or break, these letters are painted to meet your specifications and delivered to you in pristine condition, along with an installation template for easy assembly. Several metallic finishes are available that provide the classic look of metal.

- Lifetime guarantee
- Cost effective
- Beautiful lines and font styles
- Razor sharp edges
- Lightweight
- Durable and able to withstand any weather condition
- Easy to install, they can be affixed with either studs or pads
- Can be used indoors and outdoors

Mounting: View mounting options.
The following mounting options are available with injection molded letters:
1a-Plain: Plain letters are shipping without any mounting hardware.

2a-Stud: Studs are metal threaded posts on the rear of the letters. Specify if studs need to be inline for brick or block wall mortar joints. When installed, studs typically extend approx. 1.5-2" from the back of the letters. (Brick 2-5/8" on center; Block: 8" on center.)

2b-Pad. Pads are plastic disks on the rear of the letters.

2c-Combination (Recommended). Combination has pads at the bottom and studs through pads at the top of the letter. Specify if studs need to be in line for brick or block wall mortar joint. We recommend this method which gives the strength of the stud mount while drilling half as many holes. Not for letters under 6".

2d-Combination All: Combination All has studs through pads on all mounts. Specify if studs need to be in line for brick or block wall mortar joints. Not for letters under 6".

Templates are available on a per letter basis. Templates are used to mark the wall for even spacing and mounting. Enter the sequence of numbers/letters as they will be displayed. For example, enter 21562 to show that you want the template designed for numbers in that sequence.

Injection Molded Numbers Roman

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